Laguna Plein Air Painters Association 1999
If I've missed a link to an artist in the photos below who now has a website, just e-mail me and I'll add it.

   Mexico 2009  / NWR99    

Here I am doing a painting of my favorite model, Susan Lyon in Heisler Park. Thanks to Lyle Rennik for the photo!

Here's the painting of Susan. 

CW Mundy painting Crystal Cove.

Saim Caglayan painting in his garden. Saim and Heidi were nice enough to let us stay in their coach house during the show.

Bob Wiermaa painting in Heisler Park. Though not in the show itself, Bob is one of the hardest working Plein Air artists I've ever met! I think he knows just about everyone in the art world as well. 

Here's Ken Auster Painting at Crystal Cove. I actually did a painting of him from this spot and he held that umbrella the entire time!

Here's one of Ken's paintings from the 2000 show, and below is a a detail of it. You can see more of Ken's work at

Tim Solliday painting at the Canyon.

   Mexico 2009  / NWR99    

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