Well, they're finally done! After much filming, editing, and searching out the best way to deliver this instructional series, the first two lessons are completed.

Our intention by selling these lessons over the internet is for Susan and I to create a series that really goes into the details of art in all its aspects for a much lower cost than we can do with DVDs and all the expense of producing the discs, packaging, and shipping them. I'm also responding to the many e-mails we've gotten from other countries, where artists just can't afford our full-length DVDs (which will of course still be available through Liliedahl).

The lessons run on both Macs and PCs.

Many thanks to my friend, Bruce Burgess for much of the music he wrote and performed with his band for Scott's video. bruceburgess@hotmail.com

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Here's how it works.

You download the selected video lesson to your computer permanently and view it as many times as you like for the life of the computer. The lesson still cannot be copied, burned to a DVD, or moved to another computer.

Advantages of download versus DVD

Much cheaper cost. These lessons would cost two to three times more if sold by DVD. Remember, when you buy a lesson from us, what you are really buying is the next lessons we will create in the future. If everyone just pirates these, there will be no way we can spend the money and time to make future lessons.


The main disadvantage is that you are limited to the life of the computer you download the lesson onto. However, because they are much less than they would be if you purchased them on DVD, you will still be coming out ahead if even if you decided to buy your favorite lesson again for a future computer.

 You will also have to download the software needed to view encrypted video files on your computer if this is the first time you've bought videos online. The technology we're using is the same that is used for buying and watching independent films and documentaries. You will only need to download this once, even for future lessons, or to watch other encrypted movies and documentaries through FlickRocket.com, the web service we're using. 

The process is pretty straight-forward, but for those new to computers, I will take you through the process below. Think of this as your first, free lesson on downloading from the internet!

If you're using a Mac, the download is very simple.

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If you have any difficulties with the download or any other issues not covered below, just go to http://www.flickrocket.com/contact.html and send them your issue. I've found them very quick in responding when I had a question.

Ordering a Video Lesson for Windows-based PCs

After clicking Order and then Checkout, put in your e-mail address and create a password. This will allow the website to send you a confirmation of your order and for you to review old orders and complete new ones much faster the next time.

Once you select your payment information, this screen will come up. At the bottom, if you don't want to put in your real birth date, just make sure you choose a year that would make you over 21, since our videos are restricted to adults since some of the drawings have nudes in them. We must make sure the internet stays pure! I guess we're just lucky that no one ever lies about their age on the internet...

That will bring you to the download page. If you are ready to start watching the video right away, and you are on a high-speed connection, just click play and it will start playing the video even while it is downloading it to your computer. Otherwise, just click Download and play it once it has downloaded to your computer (when I tested it on my computer with a medium speed connection through our phone line, it took about 7 minutes to download the entire file).

Look how much you've learned about computers already - isn't this fun!

Downloading the Software

If this is your first time downloading something off of FlickRocket or other FluxDV movies, you will be prompted at this point to install the necessary software. If you are nervous about this, I'd suggest you go through the installation process first, and then purchase the movie. You can do that if you click "How it works" in the upper left hand corner of the screen -- just beneath "My Movies." Or just follow the link below to go directly to that page.

I tested out the process myself and it's pretty self-explanatory if you just follow the links and ignore all the security alerts Microsoft will give you, but I put some of the screens below for those who are a little new to computers. If you do have any problems with this or anything else on the site, just go to http://www.flickrocket.com/contact.html and send them your issue. On a Mac, you shouldn't get any security alerts and it is even easier.

Click here to download FlickRocket software

At the bottom of the page, click "Show 'My Movie' Sample."
If you don't have the software already installed to play the sample movie, it will prompt you to install it. 

Depending on your system and virus protection on a Windows-based system, you will probably get warnings about downloading programs. Just click Install if this comes up. 

Why are computers so complicated! Won't you be happy when you can get to something simple like drawing a portrait!

I use AVG virus protection software and got this comforting message when I was installing the software. I contacted them about it and learned that it was an error, that the software was safe, and to just click Ignore whenever such an alert comes up for the FlickRocket software. Apparently a lot of encryption software for video tends to trigger virus alerts. They told me it would be corrected by the next update, so you probably won't come across this, but it's a great way to get your heart rate up!


Playing the Lesson

Now that you're an expert at installing a program from the internet and putting your security software in it's place, let's get back to downloading the lesson and go over the basics of playing a video on a computer. As I said, just click Play to see the film as it's downloading, or Dowload to send it to your computer to view later.

This is what you'll see if you click Download. You can still choose to click play at any time to start the lesson.

If you ordered the movie, but were interrupted before you downloaded it, or your electricity went out because a beaver was chewing through the power lines outside (it happens!), don't stress. You will get an e-mail from FlickRocket with a link to the movies you purchased to download any time. Or you can just go to FlickRocket.com and put in your e-mail address and password to view your purchases and download then.

When your download is finished, you can click play - or close if you'd rather watch it later. Simple as that.

To enlarge the screen to fill your monitor, click the button in the lower right corner. You can click it again to go back to the original size.

Or you can just press the Esc key on the keyboard.

But after you've watched the video and closed the media player, how do you find it to play it again later? This depends on where it was saved on your computer. A quick way to find things is to click the little Start icon in the lower left corner of your computer screen, bringing up the menu shown above. In the area just above this button, where it says Start Search, type in "download" or "Video" or whatever else you need to find on your computer.

Here you can see that when I typed in "download," several files with that word in it showed up at the top. Since I want to find the video I just downloaded, I double-clicked on "Downloaded Videos" folder.

Which opens the default folder where all videos you download from the Internet are saved. 

You can either leave the video lesson here, or click and drag it to a more convenient place (such as a folder you create on your desktop by right-clicking and choosing New-Folder and giving it a name like "Art Videos" - you can always change the name of a folder by right-clicking it and choosing "Rename."

Here I'm clicking and dragging the video directly to my desktop.

To play the video again, all I need do is double-click it. 

And that's all there is to it! 

If you have any difficulties with the download or any other technical issues not covered, just go to http://www.flickrocket.com/contact.html and send them your issue. I've found them very quick in responding when I had a question.

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Here's a few e-mails I've received from artists who've watched the video, some professional artists, and others just beginning.

Scott, I ordered your online portrait lesson and just finished watching it for the first time, you did a fantastic job. Both the technical aspects and thoughtful insights into art itself really have me inspired. I love the outdoors and painting landscapes, but it can be easy to get into a rut trying to produce enough for galleries and shows. Something about the video struck a chord with me, and I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the challenge of improving, and also getting back into the habit of drawing everyday. I look forward to the future videos, keep up the great work.
Best Wishes,
Greg Scheibel    http://www.scheibelfineart.com/


I bought your Secrets of Drawing download and just finished watching it.  It was more than I expected in so many ways.  I loved it, and truth be told, I feel that it is a pivotal moment for me!!  That sounds pretty sappy, or deep, but not only did I learn the technical things I had hoped, but you reminded me of why I do this.  I can't even express in words how much I loved this video.  I have watched the lesson several times, I keep learning every time!  I really, really hope you guys do more of these! 
thanks so much, I'll go draw now!
Nicole LeDrew May



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