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"Tibet Transition" oil, 20" by 16"


"20" by 16" oil


"20" by 16" oil

"San Miguelle Serenade" 16" by 16" oil - Mexico

30" by 20" oil - Mexico

"Monument Valley" oil, 16" by 16"

On the way back from this year's Weekend with the Masters event in Monterey, I camped and painted my bay back to North Carolina.
I especially enjoyed painting some portraits of some of the Navaho people on the reservations in Arizona.
This is Jimmie Homer, on the Marble Canyon Navaho reservation. His family was one of many kind people who invited me into their home. Not only did he let me paint him,
but then his wife cooked a wonderful meal of stew and Indian Fry Bread!

One of the interesting stories Jimmie told me was how he's only recently reconnected with his younger brother, who'd been adopted by some Mormon missionaries over fifty years ago.
I guess it was quite common for missionaries to come to the reservation and offer to pay poor families to adopt one of their children. His brother had been too young to remember them,
but they never forgot him and so it was an amazing thing when he tracked them down and finally traveled to the reservation to meet his lost family.

"Colors of Africa" oil 30" by 30"
This is from a market in Tanzania that Susan and I visited a few years ago.


"San Miguelle Cemetery" oil,


"Tent with a View" oil, 11" by 14"

Here's a couple of plein-air studies I did on a pack trip in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with Charles Muench, Matt Smith, Tracey Avant, and Ned Mueller.
What a great week of hiking, painting, camping, and drinking boxed wine around the campfire -- not necessarily in that order!
The painting above was the view I had from the spot I pitched my tent. I worked two mornings on this painting since the early light was so fast and I'm so slow!

"Sierra Treeline" oil, 12" by 16"

This is another of my on-the-spot studies. I don't do enough landscapes to feel very confident, but I just keep plodding along and trying in vain to capture the wonders of the natural world.
I just enjoy being outdoors in wild areas so much that it rarely matters much if my painting bombs, since it's really just an excuse for being out there! Painting with masters like Charles, Matt, and Ned is so inspiring,
though. Watching them knock out their masterpieces in a couple of hours while I struggle along is like watching pure magic.


"Maya in Barn" oil, 10" by 12"


I know this was done a few years ago, but I just photographed when someone recently purchased it out of my studio, so I thought I'd put it up here.
I do so many drawings that they tend to just pile up in my racks, unseen by anyone.
I find drawing so much easier than painting that I often just draw for a while when I'm too frustrated with my paintings.

Here's a painting of my friend, Tony Pro, a great painter from Los Angeles. Last year Alexey Steel was kind enough to invite a bunch of our Chicago group who used to paint at the Palette and Chisel years ago
to paint for a few days at his studio when we were in town. If I remember right, I snapped this photo of Tony when we were all painting Jeremy Lipking.
I did this painting back at home in my studio and filmed it for the color video. This painting was a good example of warm and cool since it is done with a limited palette of Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and White.

This is another drawing from a couple of years ago -- done on a visit to the Palette and Chisel Club in Chicago.



     2012                                                                                    2010  

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